Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal Beef part 1

Wait just a minute! No, I didn't get into a fight. I merely wish to speak on something I have an issue with. Woman that club! Okay ladies, here is my dilemma. Now I'm no expert, and I'm not claiming to be, especially when I've only went to the club like two times in my 22 years of life and going on 5 years of college. So, here's the situation! Ladies, I am a nice guy, very polite, and giving. I will do just about anything for my friends and all I really want if I do go to the club, is to just get a dance with a beautiful lady and maybe some conversation. Not looking to take it to the bedroom, no I'm not trying to put a ring on your finger, and no I won't beat you up if you say no. So, after having a long drawn out debate with my imaginary Attorney General about why women dress so skimpy and yet have an attitude when a dude sees the secret in your victoria outfit. Now, do I condone or accept in any way a guy mistreating you and treating you like a hoe for wearing a hoe's uniform? No! OF COURSE NOT! But does that give you the right to act like a broad when a guy step to you and all he sees is your cleavage and size 40 behind? NO! OF COURSE NOT EITHER! Now, I understand ladies that there are times when all you want to do is go out with your girls, have fun, get loose and not mess with any guys and that's totally fine. Now reguardless of how much you want to establish your freedom to wear anything you want, you have to take the good with the bad. Meaning, that, if you feel like you can go wherever you want and wear whatever you want, then do mad at getting all the different kinds of attention you want because reguardless of how much you think every guy should be able to disreguard you, not every guy isn't a prowler, hunter, pedofile, and all things in between. So, with that said, if you don't want the unneeded attention then don't wear the clothes. My second issue is this, if you feel so compelled to wear the clothes, don't treat every guy like a dog. Now it's understandable that on both sides of the fence the woman knows she look good and the guy, but it's not always with a guy, "She look good. I want to sleep with her." Sometimes it's more, "she's cute but is she as smart as she's beautiful?" So we step to you to see if you willing to talk and see past our gender. You see ladies, the ball is always in your hands. When a guy comes to you, you can either say yes or no. So if you there to mingle, talk to some guys and dance with a couple, maybe leave with a number or two, and you wearing something revealing, then you have to be able to differentiate between the guys looking for sex and the guys looking to know you. But please don't be the hoe in the club or the sweet girl in a hoe's uniform acting scorned.

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