Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy VDs

You know, living on a college campus while working to get your bachelor's enlightens you to the way people your age think. For example, what tomorrow ensures, a new found spread of STDs or as I call it, VD day. Every year, the same routine. Ratio of stragglers (people who club all night) goes up, guys start buying the most "heart touching" gift and usually up in the price, hoping to win the heart of a woman over enough to get what my friends and I say, "Instant Panties". I mean it's ridiculous. Here you have guys, girls, couples, etc, going out to buy gifts, wasting money on teddy bears, chocolate, and other assorted gifts, all to lead into five minutes of pleasure, two hours tops. I see it as nothing more than a financial mark up in sells for pictoral items of sexual arousal. It's really sad when a majority of people as a whole take the meaning of love and push the meaning of sex and reproduction into the center and then the forefront. No one talks about, oh me and my blah blah are going on a romantic date to someplace. Or we're going to cuddle at home. Nope! None of that. It's, I cant wait to get my groove on. The value of the holiday, if it should even truely be called that, has been reduced to a smoldering ash of a brainwashed death of what true love represents. You know a while ago, women always said, and some still do, chivalry is dead. Well, romance is definitely on life support in my opinion. When the essence of love, the one emotion that should bring peace, the one thing that was a gift from God and given to all of the creatures below, this one thing that should be cherished has been molested and raped into the economized society to mark it with a dollar bill to enhance revenue to those who seek profit among that which was never meant to be used as a means of income, it is truely a day to mourn. Because Valentine's Day isn't just Feb 14th. It isn't just a day to spend a night with the opposite sex or same sex in the name of a labeled market of love. It is a day that we reflect on who we are and what we are. It is a day to think who is truely in your heart not on your genitals. It is a day to truely be mindful of who is truely precious to you and not a one night stand. It is a day to be mindful of those who are your friends, family and if you have a significant other then to remember to not take that relationship for granted but to remember what made you fall in love with that person from the beginning. Valentine's day should be a day that is taken with serious sincerity each and every day and remembered the most on Feb 14th as a positive reinforcement for the whole world to take this day and put their spin on it. Not just couples. But I guess my words fall in vain to deaf ears and blind eyes when the consumers and market values increase their sales of chocolate and peppermints and other assorted valentine's day gifts that are poisoned with the mindset of eloping.

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