Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Small Reward

Well people, it's been two weeks since I started my workout schedual and I'm so happy to announce that I've lost four pounds! I was shocked to look at the scale and see that I had lost weight. I didn't think I had lost weight at all or anything. I thought it was going to say the same weight it had said two weeks ago. But with this proof, I feel so motivated to push myself even more now than ever. And even though my workout schedual is feeling lighter than before, I want to continue with this workout for at least one more week. But coming soon, my regiment will get harder. I plan to increase the amount and possible add two more sets so I go from doing three sets to five sets. But that's just thoughts in the moment. But for now, I shall continue my workout with the sole intention to get back in shape and to get toned. Weight will always be my third drive and just something to keep going for because if obviously if I continue doing what I'm doing, it will all come together anyway.

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