Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, it's been awhile but what brought me back to this site is my thoughts on the recent information that's crossed my mind about my school. My school, has been going through chancellors out the water lately because of illegal charges that's stayed on the scene like a bad odor. And lately, the recent chancellor is supposedly going to quit or get fired pretty soon and he's only been here for a lil over a year. The sad thing about this is that speculation is rising that if we don't our act together then the school will merge with another and our school will be lost. Now with all the bullcrap I put up with, as well as other students, with the financial aid office, housing office, registrar and other things, I think we can all agree that we still love this school. If we didn't or if we could, then we'd leave. But it's something about this school that leaves a stain on your heart that can't be washed away or removed. This school even with all of it's problems is a great school. Teachers who actually make sure you understand the lesson and don't just see you as a number. Chairpersons and deans that insure you get the help you request and are helped as fast as possible. I love coming to this school. There hasn't been a school I've attended that I liked as much as this one and even though it's colllege level and college is a lot different than normal pre-k through grade 12, it's still a school. The goal is the same, to do well in class and to make sure you graduate to prove that you can be dedicated and persue a four year degree. And I would hate to even think that the school I fell in love with before even getting accepted, is destroyed because people can't count money correctly, the students aren't being actively involved due to miscommunication and because this school is unable to stand on it's own two feet when historically, it's been standing on it's bare feet and has been deeply rooted in the community and the life story of this state. So, I do hope that if we lose our chancellor that we hire one who is going to change things in the positive and not keep tarnishing this school to the point where the state feels they have to step in and handle things like an adult because this school's board members and advisors are too childish and irresponsible.

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