Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year != Difference || Change

For those of you who aren't Computer Science Majors or grads, then the title means, New Year doesn't (as in does not) equal difference or change. Now to those of us who are alive and well, or even just alive, congratulations on seeing the close of this year and welcoming the swearing in of 2009. The tradition of New Years, as being followed by mostly everyone I know, is to get out, party, drink (possible get drunk), and spend the last moments of this year (good or bad) with either family or the one you love the most thats not in your family. And during these last moments, you may also make a list of "New Year's Resolutions" which is basically supposed to be your official guidelines to bring about a different, better version of yourself. Like, being more patient, or the famous lose weight or get to a certain size, changing my diet, etc. But what is it really that we're doing traditionally? Nothing more than trying to drastically become something that society says is a problem and change it to fit in more? Pretty much! That's why, like the title says, New Year doesn't equal difference or change. Honestly, this is what I believe the New Year should be all about. I believe the new year should be a reflection period of where you are in life and where you're headed. It should be a time to look back and realize if there was any sense of accomplishments or achievements. It should be a time to be thankful for not only seeing a new year but how to make it to the next one. What it definitely shouldn't be, is an excuse to get drunk and be all night like St. Patrick's day. The celebration of the New Year should be based on traditions that self-improve or help improve others. If your traditions are nothing more than traditions of sin, then you need to really think about what lifestyle you're "reflecting" on or living up to. Because we should be focused on moving forward constantly, 24/7, 365 1/4 days a year, not 364 1/4 and then go right back to the beginning of where we left off at. As I type this blog, with a little less than 50 mins remaining in the year of 2008, I am spending my last moments in my home reflecting on what my life has meant to me and to others to this point. I don't stand out, I'm merely an average guy with big dreams, no different than most people my age. And if I was to leave this world tonight before the new year came, I wouldn't have a legacy, let alone much accomplishment. I'd just be another college student who died too soon. So, I'm focusing on not only myself and improving myself, but how to improve others. Not helping and holding people's hands but improving them so they can help themselves. I want to become not only a better christian, a better person, a healthier person and a wiser person but I also want to become someone who will not just be remembered with a legacy to leave a mark on society but to become someone who will earn respect from others and be acknowledged by people on good terms. So I leave with you on this year with these final words.

1 Timothy 2:1-3

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love = Happiness

I was taught from my pastor that a life for the single is a life more blessed than those who are married. Why? Because I get to devote all my time to God, getting to know Him, loving Him, praising Him, etc. But to those who are married, have to put their family first, for it is ministry to be married. What does that mean? It means that it is calling to be married, not everyone qualifies. Why doesn't everyone qualify? Everyone doesn't qualify because if you have no strong "drive" from your flesh then you don't need to be married. Not to mention the most important factor, if you are happy and well off with a goldfish and a dog, then you don't need to be married. Marriage is a ministry. However, I do not say this to point out my situation. This past Christmas at the dinner table, my mother asks me, who has been worried as of late with the friends I hang out with, what I look for in a woman. And as much of an overly undervalued question that seemed to me, it was nonetheless a good question. Quite honestly, I felt that the question served no purpose because it was more rhetorical than an honest good answer. But to a mother who dipped some knowledge into my life with my permission and has realized that one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, almost committed suicide, and another of my friends, who shall also remain nameless, had her wallet stolen, could bring some light as to what kind of friends I attract or am attracted to. However, as beautiful as both of those two friends are, nevertheless, I wouldn't see it working out with them two or hardly any other of my friends besides one which is a totally different story. But getting back to the point, I laughed as my first reaction, not out of embaressment but quite honestly it was humourous to think what my mom was expecting me to answer. As if I was going to say, I want someone who's loud and just gives bloody murder screams whenever she wants to. Or I want a woman who is on the borders of insanity. But nonetheless, I answered with a general answer so it was enough to keep her less worried on my possible future pick for my wife. But if I haven't already met the girl I will date, I would simply hope for these list of things to be in her.
1. Beautiful to my eyes.
2. preferably black
3. considerate
4. kind
5. loves to laugh (have fun)
6. That we share similar interests
7. Loves the Lord as much as I or more
8. strong
9. Independant
10. Has a nice family
And of course a list of much more that isn't there but that's pretty much the starting line. If you don't start there, you don't qualify. But I do believe that one day I will be married because I've always felt it in my spirit. That there was a woman out there for me and like the scripture said, A man that findeth a good wife, findeth a good thing. So as time stands still in my heart, my soul races to find her.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

To the oldest man ever born who is around 2041 years old, Savior of my soul, waymaker of my life, truth and my light, My Lord, My Master and My God, thank you for your sacrifice. For so long has the wool been taken off my eyes and now, I see how blessed I really am. I have lost my father but I have my sister and my mother. I am attending the college of my choice and attend a blessed church. I have loyal friends and a wonderful extended family. Truely it is amazing to wake up everyday with the life I have and am so glad that God gave me such a life when I didn't even want to know him at a time when I was young. I have lots to be thankful for and I do my best to be fully covered in his Will and stay true to his plan. To all of you, I say Merry Christmas and wish you all happy holidays and a bright new year.